Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy List 1/3/12


Linking up with Mamarazzi today for my first Happy Post of the year. 

This week I'm happy for all the time our family spent together over the holidays.  Both the girls were off of school starting the Friday before Christmas until yesterday.  My husband had the last two weeks of December off because of a plant shut down.  Not great for the wallet but still happy to have the time with him.

We spent most of the week just lounging around at home, playing games, watching movies and reading.  But those are some of the best days! 


Amy said...

Those ARE the best days! Glad you had fun and that photo of you all is great :)

Jolene said...

100% agree those are the BEST days!

Mamarazzi said...

time at home playing games and just being together are most def the best of times. love love love the family picture!

thanks for linking up!!