Friday, March 7, 2008

More TV shows

Today I'll list the current tv shows we watch based on our Tivo Season Pass list. I'll have to update it a bit after doing this as it looks like there are some shows on there that aren't airing any new episodes anymore.

  1. General Hospital (me)
  2. Lost (me and hubby) I'm so confused!
  3. Prison Break (hubby)
  4. My Name is Earl (me and hubby)
  5. Monk (me and hubby)
  6. 24 (hubby), I don't think this is coming for a while
  7. The Unit (hubby)
  8. Hustle (hubby)
  9. Psych (me and hubby)
  10. The Office (me and hubby)
  11. NCIS (hubby, though I watch once in a while)
  12. Battlestar Galactica (hubby)
  13. Hannah Montana (the kids)
  14. Army Wives (me)
  15. Stargate Atlantis (hubby)
  16. Eureka (hubby)
  17. Burn Notice (hubby)
  18. Torchwood (hubby)
  19. Las Vegas (hubby)
  20. Cane (hubby) did they renew this?
  21. Friday Night Lights (me) WOOHOO!! They just renewed for a 3rd season!
  22. The Singing Bee (skowt)
  23. The Shot (me, though I never did watch any of them)
  24. Zoey 101 (the kids)
  25. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicals
  26. Survivor (me and the kids)
  27. Lipstick Jungle (me)

Wow, My husband has quite a few on there. He does watch a lot of tv. He's a night owl and will stay up and watch just about anything.

I also watch some others that aren't set to automatically record, like Deal or No Deal and The Ellen DeGeneres show.

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