Saturday, March 8, 2008

What's in a Name?

Ok, I'm gonna embarrass myself here a bit now and share a list of nicknames I've had.
  • Lynnie
  • Lynnie-rie
  • chickadee
  • La-lu (I think my aunt came up with those 4)
  • Lindsay, Lindsay Wagner (my dad used to call me this)
  • Lyn-a-tic (some friends in HS called me this, even had it on the back of my softball shirt)
  • eagle eyes (another from HS cuz I could spot the guys everyone liked from a mile away)
  • Mentil (my brother's name for me, that's OK, I call him Hoser)
  • Dora (my mom and I call each other this)
  • Dear (what hubby and I call each other)

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