Thursday, March 13, 2008

Being Green

Some things I'm doing to try to be more "green".....

  • I've switched to paperless statements for all the bills that offer that option
  • bought 'energy star' rated washer and dryer when our others died
  • have been using reusable dryer sheets (though they aren't as good as they claim and certain things come out static-y)
  • I bought and started using those reusable canvas grocery bags
  • I recycle as much as I can at home (cans, glass, plastic, newspaper, junk mail, empty cereal boxes etc, cardboard)
  • I turn the water off when brushing my teeth
  • This may sound gross, but don't flush every time (if you just pee)
  • reuse shower towel to cut down on laundry (you're clean when you get out right?)
  • use a faucet water filter and refillable bottle for water instead of buying so much bottled water
  • print stuff on the back of all the fliers and notes I get from the kids school or use as scrap/note paper (then recycle it)
  • I save all the return postage paid envelopes I get in junk mail and use them when I need to send money or permission slips to school instead of using new envelopes

I bought one of those daily calenders with a tip a day to becoming green. Yes, as i tear them off I save them for notes. Anyway, today's tip was that a freezer is more efficient if it's completely full. So if you aren't able to keep it stocked full, replace the empty space with plastic bottles filled with water.

Got any other good tips, let me know.


Amy said...

Love some of those ideas, I will have to try some myself and I have done a few of these, also.
I use the plastic store bags as trash bag liners in my bathroom trash can.

lynn said...

Oh, I forgot to list that one. I do that too. I have soooo many that I've saved up over the years. They were bursting out of my cupboard, but now that we use the canvas bags my pile is going down.