Saturday, March 15, 2008

Can't win if you don't play

Some things I'd do if I won the lottery:

  1. Freak out!!!
  2. quit my job
  3. pay off all our bills
  4. pay off bills for my mom, brother, mother in law and help out as many other family members as I could
  5. put aside a fund for my kids and niece for school
  6. buy or build a "dream" home- not some totally outrageous mansion with too many rooms to keep track of, but a house with all the things I'd like but don't have now. Would make it energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  7. Hire a maid!....and a cook :)
  8. set up a photo studio in that new house with all the equipment I can't afford now.
  9. buy a new hybrid vehicle
  10. travel (including visiting some online friends!)
  11. pay for all my aunts, uncles and cousins to get together somewhere for a big family reunion
  12. donate more to breast cancer, diabetes and heart research
  13. I suppose I'd let hubby and the kids get a few toys too

That reminds me. I think I need a ticket for tonight's drawing!


Amy said...

Wouldnt' that be nice? I will be waiting for you to come down to LA and visit!

lynn said...

Don't hold your breath waiting! LOL Though I've never been to LA so I need to go and cross it off my list.

lynn said...

Ok, that didn't come out quite right! I'd love to visit you. I just meant not to hold your breath for me winning.