Monday, October 13, 2008

Shh! We're hunting apples!

Yesterday we went and did some apple picking. (Or hunting as Tiger was calling it.) It was a great day for it. Though a little hot actually. The place was PACKED! I couldn't believe how many people were there. We've been to this farm many times and have never seen it like this. Must have been the summer like weather in the middle of October.

Here are the kids climbing trees for that perfect apple:

The whole family, showing off some of what we picked. My mom took this one:

We went into the store afterward and needed to get some candy corn:

Ginormous Halloween cookies:

And of course we couldn't leave without their famous apple pie in a bag!



Sooz said...

Fun! I want one of those cookies YUM!!!

Amy said...

Love the fam photo! Oh and candy corn is my absolute fave!! :D

Aim said...

what a yummy day! apple pie in a bag sounds perfect right about now.

Ronnica said...

That apple pie looks yummy!

I like the argyle theme, btw.