Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In a digital world

On Sunday hubby decided to tackle Tiger's bedroom. She is one messy kid and every couple of months or so we have to go in there and attack her entire room and clean it up. It was so nice of him to do it while I was at work. I get so frustrated with her with the stuff she keeps in there!

Anyway, she had one of my old cheap point and shoot FILM cameras in there that I had let her have. They had taken it out and put on the kitchen counter. I saw it when I got home but never really thought much of it. Just figured she didn't want it anymore.

So this morning he picks it up and says to me that Tiger said it didn't work anymore and that is why it was there. So I asked what was wrong with it. He had no clue. So when Tiger came out of the bathroom I asked her.

Tiger: It doesn't work anymore.
Me: But what is wrong with it?
Tiger: I don't know, it doesn't take pictures.
Me: You know this is a FILM camera right? You need to have film in it for it to work?
Tiger: Huh?
Me: You put a roll of film in it and take pics. Then you have to take it out and get it developed.
Tiger: Oh. (Still a confused look on her face)

I still don't think she really got what I was talking about. She is so used to my digital cameras and being able to see the pics right away and download them to the computer. I guess it's all what you grow up with. My kids still can't believe that I didn't have a computer or video games while growing up. Didn't get our Atari until I was in Middle or High school I think!!

Tomorrow is my New Kids on the Block concert. I'm going with a friend who was a big fan. Aren't I so sweet? lol Unlike my BFF from college who wouldn't go with me to see Rick when I heard he was touring again because she couldn't justify spending the money on someone she hadn't followed the career of. (Maybe I'm just a tad bitter) But that's another story. I'm looking forward to it actually. Even though I don't even know all their names! I will let you know how it goes.


Amy said...

I can not wait to hear and see thru pics how the show goes.

My kids can't believe we didn't have but 3 channels and only saw cartoons on Saturday mornings. They just don't know how they have it made :D

Aim said...

You are so lucky! Enjoy NKOTB! I just had the conversation with my girls about Friday Night Videos. i lived in the country, we didn't get cable, but I got my weekly video fix on Friday night. LOL

~Trish~ said...

Oh I am SO jealous of the concert!! I hope it's a blast!! Thanks for stopping by my Kansas blog today :)

Shannon said...

My kids think seeing a phone with a cord is weird. They're only 5 and 7... they can't even fathom life before computers, the Disney Channel and cellphones.