Saturday, October 18, 2008

Night out

I went out to a Japanese restaurant with some friends from work last night. It was a farewell dinner for one of us who is moving out of town. I have a hard enough time finding something to eat at an American restaurant, I was a little concerned how this would go.

I felt bad for the person who chose the place because I didn't eat much compared to what was served. But I told her beforehand that I was picky and she insisted I would be OK and find something. I pretty much just had chicken and rice. Oh, and the orange sherbet for desert.

They served a broth with mushrooms which I didn't care for and a salad which I didn't even take because I'm not a salad eater. The meal also included shrimp, zucchini and onions, mushrooms and bean sprouts which I ate pretty much none of. I at least tried most of it so she gave me credit for that! lol I really liked the chicken though! I think the kids at the other end of the table probably ate more than I did.

The worst part for me was paying for a dinner I barely ate.

I took some pics while our chef was preparing our food. Here is an onion volcano he made:

Chicken, veggies and shrimp:

Our chef:

I tried to get the movement of his hands here:

After dinner we all hopped in my van for a trip to the casino. We drove from the restaurant to a park and ride for everyone else to leave their cars there. I got out of my van to open the doors for everyone and felt something sticky on my seat. Turns out I had dropped one of those pumpkin shaped candy corn type candies on my seat and had sat on it. It was ground in to my jeans. I had this big orange blob on my butt! How attractive!

I stopped at a gas station to try to get it out, but it was impossible. Even tried a tooth brush one of us had in her purse. Luckily no one walked in the bathroom while I was doing that in front of the mirror! I ended up borrowing a big sweatshirt to wear at the casino to hide it.

I want to send a shout out and Thank You to Sandra for giving me this blog award..

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Amy said...

I am always skeptical about trying new foods also. Especially when I have to pay for something I may not care for.

Sooz said...

That looks like Benihana's here or the same concept. I have to be careful where I eat out because of my nut allergy, I don't like to pay for what I can't eat either.

LOL about the candy corn...why does that happen when we go OUT and not just at home??

Shannon said...

Oh, I love our Japanese restaurant here... its very good. But I understand about being a picky eater... that's me, too!

Jacqui said...

Mmm Japanese. Or should I just say mmmmmm any meal I didn't have to prepare at home! Be glad you weren't in Japan eating out. I like Japanese food, but I couldn't find much to eat that I recognized in Japan!