Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition


I found this while going through some boxes looking for pictures and flashback ideas. It's the first page of a Halloween story I wrote in either Kindergarten or 1st grade. The writing is kind of hard read with my coloring over it so here's what it says:

Once thar was to pumkins siting in the yerd. Than some body squoshet them. Then the necst moning. I looked out the windo and I saw that they wher squoshet and. I got so mad.

I left in all the spelling and punctuation mistakes. That was hard to type! And spell check didn't like it either!

I apologize to any of you whose blog I haven't visited or commented on lately! I've been working more hours. Someone left, another person is working her 2nd shift hours so I've been getting the open 1st shift hours. I don't know how I used to do it working full time.


Amy said...

Too cute :D I love reminiscing at my kids old school work.

Aim said...

maybe we could collaborate on something...:-) that was very cute. Funny what kinds of things are still around. I'm sure my girls will have things like that someday when they are blogging.

Sooz said...

That is really cute. I'm sure my Mom still has some of those things in her hope chest that she's kept her favorite childhood memories of us in over the years. I need to be more organized about keeping those items for my kids to find when they are grown, they're all around here...somewhere...LOL