Friday, October 24, 2008

FB Friday (sorta): The Kids are all Grown Up!

As seen by:

  • Their bodies (they've all aged matured quite nicely,)
  • Their voices and singing
  • Their songs and lyrics
  • Their gyrating and "Dirty Dancing"
  • The multiple crotch grabs throughout the night!

Picture this: All five guys in dark suits and hats, lined up at the front of the stage. A synchronized pelvic thrust and crotch grab during the song "Grown Man"!

"I'm a give you some Grown Man!"

Yeah, hot!

So here is my flashback part of the post. The Right Stuff video from, I think 1988:

Here's the video I took of them Wednesday night singing it:

Not too bad for row SSS

I had asked my friend A what her favorite song was so I could record it. It was this one and "I'll be Loving You Forever". OK. Got it. And I was supposed to take a little video while they were on the revolving stage too. Well, she had to nudge me each time because I, of course, didn't recognize them as fast as she did. Then I never did get anything from the other stage. I think I got caught up in the OMG they're right there moment!

Our seats were maybe half way back on the floor and there was an enclosed area right near us with something covered and some security guards inside it. She went over before the show and asked if it was a stage and they said yes. So we knew they'd be coming out there at some point. There were people with wrist bands who were allowed to come right down to the stage so when they appeared she left our seats and went up there too. I stayed where I was so I could get some pics and not be squished. For some reason I was having issues with the flash not going off. Then some B**** came from who knows where and stood up on a chair right it front of me and the girls next to me. She was asked a couple times but would not get down. I hate when people do that!

Anyway, A got to touch Jordan and Jon while up there. They were leaning over and grabbing hands. She also got a point and nod from Donnie, she thought it was cuz he liked here tattoo. She has a big one on her right upper arm with skulls and swirls and stuff.

I admit I wasn't sure about going. I was a little "old" for them at the time they were popular. Meaning I was a senior in High School! lol Even though they are all about my age. But I did know of them and their songs. My cousin was a big fan and I remember her watching and dancing to their videos. But, I did have a great time. It really was a great show. I even bought their new CD on the way out. Yup, they sucked me in! They did quite a few of them from the new one during the show and I liked them. We listened to it on the way home but I have yet to have a chance to listen again. I don't even have it in my possession right now. She bought the greatest hits and took them both home because we planned to "share" and I haven't seen her since. I should have just came home and bought it on itunes!


Amy said...

Oh wow, aaah Jordan...again! :D

They were actually like 3 hours away from me last weekend and of couse I didn't go. But driving on the interstate Sunday, we saw a vehicle that had written in the back window "We have the Right Stuff since 1989" So I am sure THEY had been to the show.

We all know I don't really travel very far for a show unless of course it's Mr. Springfield :D

Jenn said...

I use to love them too! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for dropping in on my BATW tour , sorry I'm getting back to you so late.

Shannon said...

OMGosh this brings back some memories of when I saw them... back in '89!!!!