Thursday, April 3, 2008

Close to home

Yesterday there was a big explosion in town. They are doing some construction on the main road through town and a gas main was struck. A local church and the adjacent home were both destroyed.

You see stuff like this on the news in others towns and think about how tragic it is, but when it happens right in your own town it's kind of scary. This church is blocks away from where hubby works, just a minute away from Skowt's middle school. Hubby said he felt the affects of the blast at home. Right across the street is the community center where we sign the kids up for Rec dept. activities. I've been hearing that local businesses in the area of the construction are concerned about this happening again.

Luckily there were no fatalities. There were a few minor injuries and another person is still in the hospital tonight but in good condition. My heart goes out to the members of the church and the family who lived in the house that was destroyed.

I put a couple pics on my photoblog, a before and after (I went over today to have a look).

I have the news on now, they knocked down the rest of what was left standing today after I took my pics. There was also debris found in a town about 20 miles away....amazing.

Things can change in an instant.


Just Amy said...

You are definitely right! Things happen so fast, glad to hear no body was seriously injured.

Sooz said...

Just looked at the awful! I'm glad to hear nobody was injured.