Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've created 2 monsters!!

When I was a pre-teen/teen I loved buying all the teen magazines. You know the ones, Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, Bop, 16 magazine etc. My walls were covered with the posters and pin-ups from those mags.

Well, yesterday I decided to have a little fun with my daughters. My mom and I tease them once in a while about liking Zac Efron or the The Jonas Brothers. So I bought a couple of the mags with big fold out posters and found one of Nick Jonas and hung it up in Skowt's room directly in front of her door so she'd see it as soon as she walked toward her room. I was just curious to see what she'd say and figured she'd take it down.

She came home from school, walked in her room and yelled "MOM" like I knew she would. But then she asked where it came from and I showed her the magazines and she got all excited and started picking out more pics to hang up. She helped me pic one out to pull the same prank on Tiger.

Later in the afternoon I had to take Skowt to the orthodontist and stop at the grocery store. She just had to go by the magazines and get 2 more(with her own $ this time!). Then Tiger came home today asking when we could go get some more magazines.

Uh-oh! I think I created a couple monsters. I did it as kind of a joke now I think they are hooked........just like I was at that age!


Amy said...

During our spring break here a couple of weeks ago, while the girls were at their dads, I cleaned their room and fixed it up with curtains and stuff. Then I went out and bought 3 of those mags and hung some Jonas Bro posters and Hannah Montana, HSM...they were thrilled! I, of course, had Rick all over mine as a!

Sooz said...

Ah but it's so much fun!