Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday Night Concert

Friday night I got together with some friends to go see the Nelson Brothers perform. They did a tribute to their father Ricky Nelson and mixed in a few of their own tunes. I had a nice time. I'd love to share a bunch of pics but I only got this not so good one from my cell phone.

I decided I would just take my small digital that fits in my purse. Well, I didn't plan ahead at all. I haven't used it in a while so I picked it up when the show started, composed the shot and ..........oops, dead battery. So then I dig around in the pouch and..........oops, no extras. Some photographer I am!

They hang around after the show so anyone interest can say hi, get something signed and get a pic with them, so we got in line for that. I bought their CD and got that signed and a friend took the picture. I have to wait for her to send a print otherwise I'd share that too........well, if I look halfway decent.

Tennis anyone?

My kids participated in a tennis Rapid Rally tennis competition on Saturday morning. It's a skills competition where they hit the ball against the wall as many times as they can in 30 seconds. I'm proud to say that Tiger got 3rd place in her age group. WooHoo!

Skowt scored 1st in her age group and will advance to the regional competition in June! She was just beaming. I think she has found something she really enjoys. She had a lesson later that morning and then we had to go practice again in the afternoon.

Sad news

Tiger was bumming this weekend. Her Beta fish died sometime overnight on Friday. I think that affected her performance in the tennis competition, she didn't hit the ball nearly as many times as she had in the past. Not only that but we also lost her hermit crab on Sunday. Hubby noticed on Sunday morning he was out of his shell, which is not a good sign. By the afternoon he was dead. She wasn't as upset about that though. Now she is asking for everything under the sun as far as pets go. Unfortunately, she won't be getting anything. Hubby and I are just not pet people and I know whatever we got we'd end up having to take care of.

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