Thursday, April 17, 2008

My first passport

Went today to get my first ever passport. Hopefully that will mean lots of traveling in the future. Ha! I'm so funny. Hubby and I are going on a cruise in November so we thought we'd get it taken care of early. Since they are good for 10 yrs. I told him that means he can take me on a few more out of the country trips to get some use out of it. Maybe, if we ever win that lottery.

I don't know why I didn't take and bring our own photos. The ones they took there suck! We both look orange. Just as bad as my driver license pictures, they always suck too.

We've been busy the past week planning three trips we have coming up this year. We're going to the WI Dells in May, Massachusetts to visit family in August and the cruise in November.

Looking forward to lots of fun and having some stories and pics to share......stay tuned.


Amy said...

Can you fit me in your suitcase for the cruise?? :-)

lynn said...

I can put you in hubby's. He packs much lighter! lol