Saturday, April 19, 2008

PhotoHunt: Thirteen (13)


Running a little behind on my photohunt post today. I had a hard time finding something to photograph that fit the theme. But I remembered an old photo I had so I decided to go retro today and embarrass myself in the process with a pic of me on my 13th birthday.

This is me with one of my favorite birthday gifts of all time...Rick Springfield's "Working Class Dog" album and an "I *heart* General Hospital" mug. I had some rough times around that age and Rick's music is what kept me going. I wore this album out!

And no, my kids did not get a hold of the pic and scribble on it. Twenty years later on my 33rd birthday, I was lucky enough to get the photo signed by Rick himself!

Hubby & I and another couple went to an out of town show he did on the night before my bday. We made a weekend out of it and booked a hotel for the night. It ended up being the same hotel Rick and the band were at. So the next morning as they were heading out to catch their flight hubby *made* me ask if Rick would sign it. It took all the courage I had and if hubby wasn't there to encourage me I probably wouldn't have done it and would have been kicking myself in the a** for the rest of my life!

I was actually able to tell Rick the story of the photo and he wished me a Happy Birthday. I think I floated home that day.

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Anita said...

That is just so cool! I saw Rick on Oprah a while back, and he is just as gorgeous as ever! :)
Great "thirteen" photo and post!
Mine's up finally, HERE...

denz said...

That is a very nice picture, indeed you have a very lovely post for this week theme, keep it up!!!

Here's mine also, check it out...

Have a great Weekend!!!

chari said...

Nice picture, keep it up!!! Happy Weekend...

Mine is up here...

blogScope said...

Nice post for the theme, just keep it up and enjoy what you like to do!

Check mine HERE!!!

Happy Weekend!

lynn said...

Thanks everyone.

Anita- I agree, he still looks great! I have tickets to see him next month.

EscapeToThought said...

Thats so cool...I have a pic like that with me holding that exact album and a rubiks cube in the other Christmas gifts.LOL!