Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holy White Stuff, Batman!!

Well, the kids got off of school today because they were expecting ice storms. Which I was kind of glad about, because that meant after school stuff is cancelled too so I don't have to go driving around in this crap tonight. I also got to cancel an appointment I didn't want to have to drive to either so that was nice.

We aren't getting so much ice in our area but man are we getting the snow! This is insane. It's only the 11th of December, not even winter yet and we have had so much snow we almost have nowhere to go with it. Our driveway entrance seems to be getting more narrow every time it snows. We've already been out shoveling today........TWICE and it's looking like it could use it again. Hubby said he'll get at it after work tonight. I came in this last time and my hair was soaked! I looked like I had just showered. I took a couple pics while out with the kids this morning. The pile by our front porch is almost as tall as my 8 yr. old. It's even higher now that we've been out again.

Our bare trees in the front yard.

You can see the top of the base of the lamp post in this last pic. Now those piles are at least a couple inches higher and you can't see that part at all.

And yes, for those that watched it, I now have that snoopy song from yesterday's post stuck in my head too!! Sorry.

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Amy~~ said...

Holy cow!You guys sure have a ton of snow!
It snowed here last week and then yesterday it was like 55 degrees!Weird!