Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Good Morning! I want to wish all (4) of my readers a very Merry Christmas!! Again today it will just be the four of us and my mom. We'll spend the day playing with all the new toys. The kids and hubby are playing with the Magnetix iCoaster we got for my daughter right now. I have a couple ipods I have to set up for them and we'll probably watch "A Christmas Story" at least once today. Gotta love the 24 hour marathon on TBS! My oldest wants to sit and watch it from beginning to end. I think she's seen the entire movie but it bits and pieces throughout the years. We're planning to have a turkey dinner tonight.

My brother and niece will be coming down on Thursday for a few days. We will "celebrate" again with him and he's planning to make some more Polish food. Yum! My mother in law is out of town visiting family so we won't see her until the weekend.

Oh, the present I was referring to yesterday........an electric blanket! I know I've mentioned here I'm always cold in the winter. Hubby knows it too. I always complain about getting into an ice cold bed at night. Now it will be REALLY hard to get me out of in come morning!

Better be going, I'm being summoned for ipod and cell phone help! Yup, got my oldest a phone. She's one happy camper!

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Amy said...

Lynn, my friend, sorry I have been a bit delingquent in posting to your blog. HAve you seen mine lately?? it's hard to keep life and three blogs going (poor Derek and Abbi). But I vow to do better in 2008. Time Management, Baby! merry Christmas