Sunday, December 9, 2007

Half Way There

Well, we went and got our Christmas tree yesterday. It was frozen and had a bunch of snow on it so we left it in the garage overnight to warm up a little and brought it in today. Now it just needs decorating! Not sure when that will happen.

We also got a portion of our outside lights up. We usually put icicle lights all across the front of our house and up on the two peaks we have in the front. But since the snow came before hubby got out there this year looks like we're just doing a partial job above the garage and porch. Looks kind of sad compared to what we usually do. That's it, I told hubby next year he's putting them out on the 4th of July! My daughter is excited though because we have a couple light up penguins on the front porch! Those are new this year. If we just keep adding each year eventually we'll have a Griswold family house! LOL

I'm anxious to get my Christmas cards out but I'm waiting for some prints from snapfish and they are taking forever!! I participate in an exchange with other Rick Springfield fans and I want to get those out but can't yet. This year I also took a cute pic of the kids I want to put in the family/friends cards so those can't go out yet either!

Man am I out of shape. My daughter was the only one of 3 in her tennis lesson to show up yesterday so the coach had me grab a racket to play too. I should do it more often, I couldn't keep up with her (the coach) and she's probably in her 60's. She had taught two lessons before ours and had two more to go later in the afternoon. Now my arm is sore today!

Time to go catch Amazing Race! Later,

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