Saturday, December 29, 2007


What do you think? Does it look like Australia? This is on the wall outside one of the doors at the middle school my daughter goes to. Looks like the concrete is chipping away. We can't enter that door without her saying how much it looks like Australia, she was studying it in Social Studies class so she knows what it looks like! lol So I just had to take a picture. It's only taken me a month to get in on the computer though. The dang wireless phone people turned off my ability to text and send emails when I added my daughter's phone to our plan. I just figured out yesterday what the problem was.

BTW, I've always wanted to visit Australia. Anyone want to join me?

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Amy said...

I am definitely in for a trip to Australia! It's the one place I've always wanted to visit...well since I was 12 anyway! We are we going?