Thursday, December 13, 2007

Don't wait until the last minute!

I've used that line on my kids I don't know how many times. I should have known it would come back to bite me in the a$$ eventually. For some reason unknown to me I decided to join a cookie exchange a few people are doing at work. I'm not much of a baker.

So, I decided on what I was going to make and got all the ingredients this past weekend and decided I was going to make them late yesterday afternoon after my hubby went to work. Well, it was a recipe I had never done before so that should have been my first clue. Long story short, they turned out terrible! The bottoms are burned and they are as dry as the Sahara desert. I cooked them according to the recipe but I think it's way too long. Even my second batch that I shortened the time on were bad. My oldest came home toward the end of the fiasco and wanted to try one. Sure, at your own risk! We decide they were gross and she asked "When are these due?". "Um, tomorrow. " I said. Here it comes......"Mom, you always say don't wait to the last minute!" Doh!

Yup, lesson learned. So next time one of 4 things will happen.
1. I will give myself more time to prepare cookies.
2. I will use a recipe I have made before that I know I can make.
3. I will get hubby to make them. (He's a much better cook/baker)

OR (and this is the option I like best)
4. I will NOT even join the freakin' exchange in the first place!
What the hell was I thinking anyway??

I would now like to wish a Happy Birthday to my bestest Rick bud! Hope you have a great day and may the coming year be better than ever!

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