Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Uninvited guests and Ellen D

Ants are invading our home! Ewww! We noticed a bunch by the front door the other day so we cleaned it up good and vacuumed the area and sprayed along the whole entrance. We kept and eye on it for a few days and thought we were good. Until tonight. I came upstairs from the basement and into the kitchen and there were dozens of them swarming some cracker crumbs one of my kids graciously left on the floor for them. Who do they think they are coming in uninvited?
Oh, and the mosquitoes are joining us lately too. Not too happy about that.

But I am excited that Ellen's back! She started her season yesterday from New York. This is one of my favorite shows, one of the [too] many I've been looking forward to coming back this season. If you're not watching her, you should be. She is hilarious! I've been flipping through the fall preview TV guide trying to decide if there are any new shows I'm interested in. Not that I need another show to keep track of!

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