Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Go Fly a Kite

We spent Sunday afternoon at the lakefront in Milwaukee at the Annual Kite Festival. It was fun, the kids loved it and there were kites everywhere. I loved watching the stunt kites. These six kites.......

were being flown in formation by these six people...

That's gotta take some practice! One of my favorite shaped kites was this dragon ;-)

Of course we had to get in on the action. Here's the kids getting instruction from dad.

On Saturday while running errands the kids and I stopped to check out the Lineman's Rodeo that was being held in our town. Here's a pic from the beginning of that. We didn't stay long because it was taking a while to get going and the kids were hungry. Neither of them wanted to take a ride in the bucket because you had to go up with one of the linemen. Then by the time we walked over there a line was forming and they didn't want to wait.

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