Monday, September 10, 2007

It wasn't on the list!

There are some things that no matter what, when you go grocery shopping you get them. I'm sure every family has them. Things you use or eat daily and by the time you go shopping again you need them. My husband can't seem to get that through his head and he'll forget them if I'm not shopping with him. And of course usually they are things that I want.

I went to have a ham sandwich today for lunch.......same thing I eat almost everyday. There is just enough ham to make my sandwich and no new package. I know if I ask him when he gets home he'll tell me.........."It wasn't on the list". I hear it every time he goes without me! I have plenty of cheese for my sandwich though!
But that's only because it was on the list.

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Amy~~ said...

I had to laugh at this,do you know how many times I've heard "It wasn't on the list" lol!!!