Saturday, September 1, 2007


I know it's been a few days since I posted. There hasn't been much going on with me, pretty boring lately. And I just really haven't had much to say. But is there really anyone out there waiting with bated breath for a new entry from me?? :)

We just visited my brother and niece for a couple days. Finally saw his new house. Well, not quite so new. He's actually been there a year now. Oooops! Bad sister! He has a dog and this is the first time we've stayed with him since he got it. Spending a couple days in a house with a dog just reinforces the reasons we don't have one. Sorry dog lovers, nothing against them at all. But living with one is just not for me. We came home with black dog hair over EVERYTHING!

Then I turned on the TV to sit and watch some stuff I have recorded on Tivo and find out 3 of my episodes of Army Wives have disappeared. Upon further investigation I realized we were running out of room. My daughter taped umpteen hours of tennis and didn't delete the one she finished watching. Guess this will teach me to save so much stuff. I better get moving on putting the stuff I wanted to keep on DVD!

I guess it's back to laundry and cleaning for me. See I told you......BOR-ING!!


Amy said...

I'm always waiting to hear what you have to say!

lynn said...

Thanks Amy! That's nice to hear :)