Saturday, September 22, 2007

Addicted to Netflix

I've only got 60 titles on my Netflix cue. What do you think? A little excessive? lol Actually, many of them are TV series with multiple discs per season.

I just started watching the first season of Friday Night Lights. My mom has been raving about how good the show is. I never started watching last year because I had something else going that night I think. So since the first season is on DVD and the second doesn't start until Oct 5, I thought I'd add it to my list.

Netflix is great though. Choose your movies or tv shows and they come in the mail within a couple days. You can keep them as long as you want, then just stick them back in the envelope and send them back. Before you know it you're next one is here. The turn around time is super quick. Usually when we return a movie, it gets there the next day, another is sent out the same day and we get it on the third day. Not too shabby. Beats taking the time to go to the rental store and not being able to find anything because of limited selection or all the good stuff is out.

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