Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Whew! TV crisis avoided!

First I must say my husband and I watch quite a bit of TV. Now that we have the Tivo.....forget it, we are taping everything! lol I love it though, I'm able to watch some of my favorites when it fits my schedule and not miss them because of other appts. etc.

Anyway, hubby turns on the TV today and there's sound but no picture! He comes into the bedroom knocks on the bathroom door telling me that we are in crisis mode. What? We can't live like that. Especially now with Rick Springfield's Noah/Eli storyline finishing up it's run this week with him performing on GH for the first time ever!!

So he calls Best Buy to set up a service call. We just got this Sony Wega about 1 1/2 yrs ago and it's still under the extended warranty. They told us the bulb would last much longer than this so we were a little miffed. A short time later I turned it on to see what was up, no pic. But I asked if he had changed the channel, tried this, that? I changed the channel and boom we have picture! Whew! Because who knows how long it would have been to get a technician out here.

So now he is happily watching TV (and eating dry croutons, what's up with that?) as I type this. Just finished watching The Take Home who wouldn't want to take him home??

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Amy~~ said...

Glad you got that taken care of! I'm with you,can't wait to see Rick/Eli/Noah today!!!!!