Saturday, August 11, 2007

What's your thing?

By that I mean, the one thing you need to have, have too many of or every time you go into a store you have to look at whether you'll be getting it or not. For me it's shoes (well besides cameras). I just got a new pair on Thursday and it got me thinking about it.

Back about 12-13 years ago my husband and I were getting ready to move into our first house. I worked at Kmart at the time and remember asking a co-worker to save a box she was emptying. She knew we were moving and asked what I was going to use it for since it was fairly big and odd sized. When I told her my shoes her jaw dropped and she asked just how many pairs I had. Well, I went home that night and counted and it was only about 35-40 pairs from what I can recall. Nothing out of the ordinary, I thought! She couldn't believe it when I went back and told her the next day. She started calling me Imelda Marcos. Not quite, from what I read on Wikipedia she had more like 3000.

Anyway, with that move and the next I condensed and slowed down in the shoe buying because we had kids. Our money was going to clothe and feed them!! Go figure. But over the past couple years I've started accumulating again. I counted now after buying this last pair and I'm at 25 (27 if you count my two pairs of winter boots).

For my mom it's books.......go into ANY store and if there is a book for sale she will find it!! For my grandmother it was curtains. Don't ask me, I don't get that one at all!! I hated being dragged to the curtain dept. every time we went shopping.

So, what's your thing?

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