Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Birthday Girl

My little girl turns 12 today! What am I saying, she's not so little anymore. She's 5'4", only 3 more inches to go to catch up to mom. Normally we go out to dinner when it's one of our bdays, but my husband works tonight so we're going to do lunch. She picked Olive Garden. Then we will do something with gramma this afternoon. It's kind of rainy, maybe we'll finally go see Harry Potter!

She keeps coming down to announce how many minutes she's been 12! Too funny. She is in the process of designing a picture to make our own matching shirts to wear for our diabetes walk. I'll be doing those on cafepress. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. She's been doing some cute "doodlez" (as she calls them) lately.


(oh, and I know it doesn't really match my page, but we're in green today to honor her. It's her fave color right now)


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Amy~~ said...

awwww,Happy Birthday!
My oldest daughter will be turning 12 soon,it's exciting!
(She's already taller than me!lol)