Thursday, August 9, 2007


It's been a while since I've remembered a dream and now here I've remembered them the past three nights in a row. I usually do recall them quite often, my husband claims he never does. Maybe he just doesn't want to tell me! I really don't know anything about dreams, why we dream certain things or what they mean but I think it's interesting non the less. So, wanna hear mine? I'm gonna tell you anyway.......

Monday I dreamt that I saw Rick Springfield in a Levi's jeans commercial. I was watching Days of Our Lives (which I haven't watched in a long time) and there was a scene with Bo and Hope and it went to commercial and it was Rick crawling around in jeans. Nice! After it was done I tried to rewind my tivo to see it again and I couldn't find it. :(

Tuesday my dream was that I noticed the new Harry Potter book we bought was missing pages and I was frantically trying to warn my mother who was reading it at the time. I recall that in the dream I stated exactly which pages were missing but I can't remember them now. It was a chunk of about 300 pages.
I'm thinking it comes from the fact that my mom mentioned she saw in the news that there were a bunch that were misprinted. They were missing pages but had double of others.

Last night I dreamt that we were all sleeping in my mom's old house and this car full of people pulled up in the driveway and someone started pounding on the door screaming something about lying. We all woke up and I screamed at my brother to call 911. By the time we got through the car had left.
Now when I woke up I had the feeling of this happening twice and I can't determine if I've actually had a similar dream or if in the dream it was the second time it had happened. Weird....

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Amy said...

Hey, Lynn~ I had a dream that Richie Sambora and I were standing up together in a wedding....and Heather Locklear was there sending me dirty looks as we walked around the dance floor. It could have been because I was grabbing his butt! But my hubby was there as well, and he was laughing. I don't know why we dream the things we do either, but it can make for some good conversation!