Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday


I'm participating in We want to know Wednesday today which is hosted by the following ladies.......

Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn

{1} What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Are you an eyes or a smile person? Maybe another body part?

Yeah, I like eyes and smile.  But I think the first thing I notice is hair.  Which is funny because my hubby has some scary hair!  lol  It's fine when it's first cut and manageable, but if he lets it get a little too long it's kind of a hot mess.  

Anyway, then after that it's really about the whole package for me.  No not that package, get your mind out of the gutter.  Basically how they look as a whole, eyes, smile,hair, body, how they dress and carry themselves. 

{2} If a movie was being made about you who would you like to see cast to play you? And would your movie be a comedy, drama, romantic-comedy, action film or a horror movie?

Good question but I haven't got a clue.  I've thought about it before because I've seen the question but I just don't know who I'd pick.  Any suggestions?  I do know it would be a drama though, very emotional, lots of crying on my part.

{3} Does your high school yearbook include a senior comment section? If so share what you said about your future goals. Have you met those goals? If you do not have a yearbook just share what your goals where when you were 18 and if you have met them. If you’re brave enough include your Senior Picture!

My yearbook didn't have anything like that.  Our choices were to have our pictures in color and have a quote we chose under them.  Or our pictures would be in B&W and our signature would be put along the side of the photo.  We went for the B&W with signature.  

Lame?  Sure but we thought it was cool.  

At the time I wanted to be a photographer but my dad would not have it.  He basically made me get a business degree which to this day I haven't made use of really.  

Here I am in all my senior glory.....


Tell me that's not one of the most awesome mullets you've ever seen?!  With the feathers all the way down the back side!

{4} What latest trend simply baffles you?

I'm not sure I'm up on the latest fashion trends but the one thing that really bothers me when I pick up my daughter at the high school............guys that wear their pants practically down around their knees.  

With a freaking belt no less!  

I was waiting for her one day and this kid I've "known" since kindergarten walked out.  I happened to glance in the rear view mirror (hey maybe that was my problem) and all I saw was his rear!!  I've seen them low but his were all the way past his behind, both cheeks totally out there. 

Seriously, they are called UNDERWEAR, they should be UNDER your clothes!!
{5} When you walk into a room how do you present yourself? Do you walk in with confidence and command the attention of others or do you slink in and do your best to go unnoticed?

Unnoticed, that would be me.  I don't want all that attention.  I tend to just blend into the woodwork in a big group of people or at a party.

Well, unless I'm with family then I'm different. Listen to what I have to say or else.


J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

Why would you cry?! That's terrible! I feel kinda like you I wanted to do things after high school my parents had a say in what I wanted to do then too...why is that? I look back on that now and I'm like why did they basically get to choose my future??

VandyJ said...

I like to blend in crowds too. and really guys, just pull up your freaking pants already. We know you want to get with the girls, you just don't have to show your readiness by walking around half dressed.

Amy said...

I can not stand those 'pants on the ground' ugly!

Your high school picture looks great! I like it.

Impulsive Addict said...

I agree with the eyes and smile! They can melt me!

I love your picture! No mullet! It was totally the style! You ROCKED it!

I hate the way boys wear their pants! It's so disturbing! I just wanna pull them up for them! WHY IS THAT STYLE COOL? I just don't understand it.

Thanks for playing and linking up with us! Happy Hump Day!

Amber said...

It's obviously a well maintained mullet, you should definitely be proud!

I've noticed that everyone looks very thoughtful and airy in their senior pictures - I must've missed out on that trend, haha

Connie said...

I sneakily took a picture of a guy in San Francisco that had his pants down like that. WHY??? I don't get it either.

I wanted to be a hair dresser....but my Dad wouldn't let me. :(

Shawn said...

I like the "whole package" too! wink wink!

I love the profile senior pictures, my hubby has one like that...he also had a sweater like you're wearing, pink and all!

Why wear ants at all, I mean seriously what good are they ding?

Blending in and me have never gotten along!

Date Girl said...

I hate saggy pants. We tease my cousin-in-law and call him "droopy drawers" and ask if he needs a diaper. ;-)

That mullet is glorious!!

Johanson Family said...

Aw I think your picture from highschool is cute!! I do wonder though as a photographer from our high school years... WHAT THE HELL did you think looking to the side was doing for us? It was like taking mug shots for jail or something.. you know what I mean? or tilt your head and place your hand on your chin... what was that about? hah!! Thanks so much for posting!! :) loved your answers!! you could go with your favorite actress to play you... I know bunches looked for ones that looked like them but you can pick ANYONE! Who is your fav?