Monday, May 2, 2011

Paging Dr. Cullen

This weekend Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen was doing some appearances near us.  Saturday he was in Sheboygan, WI and yesterday was Vernon Hills, IL.  Since they are both fairly close to me I knew when I heard about them that I wanted to go.

Saturday my daughter was competing at the State Solo Ensemble contest (which they did great at by the way) so we took a drive down to Illinois yesterday.

He was to be there from 12-5pm.  We got there around 12:30 to this crowd and no Peter yet.

I had to use the restroom so before getting in line I snuck into Ruby Tuesday to use theirs.  It was down the hall behind the end of the line.  So of course, who walks out of the back room right next to the restaurant and across the hall into another back room door to head to the stage while I am in there?

My kids freaked out as soon as I got out of the bathroom.  "He just walked by!!  He was right there!"  They were pretty much the only ones who saw him at that point because everyone else was in line facing the other direction.  

We got our ticket and got in line.  I was able to get some pics along the way.

When we got to the front of the line, right in front of the stage, he decided to do a quick Q&A session.  Nice timing!

He came right up in front of us a couple times to hand over the mic to people. 

In case anyone is wondering.....he had light grey Calvin Klein's under those jeans!  LOL  Hey he was close and his shirt rode up when reaching out to hand over the mic and I just happened to catch a glimpse.  

It was about two hours by the time we got our turn.  

We opted for just a photo.  The cost went to benefit Alex's Lemonade, the charity he supports.

Quote of the day:  "Let's face it.  The only one who looks good in this photo is Peter."   ~spoken by my oldest when the kids were complaining how they looked.

Yeah, thanks.  Love you too.

Hubby snapped a few from above.

We all got hugs but he was only able to capture one!

By that time we were all hungry so we went to grab a bite to eat at Ruby Tuesday's.  He was still there when we got done so we walked over again and went up to the upper level to watch for a bit before heading home.

It was a nice day.  Thanks to my hubby for being such a trooper.  He drove us down there and hung around waiting for us and taking some pictures while we were in line.  I know he was bored. 

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Amy said...

Oh how cool is THAT??? WOW!
Noooo, you all look GREAT! Love the pics :)

I'm jealous!