Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miami Pier and the boat

Bear with me on sharing my cruise trip photos and stories. I'm trying not to spend hours on end on the computer because I have a bunch of other stuff to catch up since coming home. Plus we are going to be gone again this weekend to the WI Dells (I will have my laptop though) so I'm going to go through them and do a few at a time in a bunch of posts as I can instead of one big long post.

Here's hubby and I on the boat before we set sail.

This is the big slide on the Lido deck of the ship. This is the area where Rick Springfield did one of his concerts. It was pretty cool out there seeing a concert at night under the moon.

Hubby goofing around for the emergency drill. Which was a joke. Nobody knew what to do or where to go. They really need to inform you of all this upon check in!

Not sure if this is a vacation resort or condos/apartments along the edge of the Miami pier.

I will also be posting some more of my photos on my photoblog if you want to take a look.

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Shannon said...

I've never been on a cruise... I'd like to one day. I hear great things about them!