Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cruising: Days 1 and 2

Time to blogging about my trip or you'll never hear about it. Most of it took place over a week ago! The first day was a welcome concert with John Waite doing an acoustic set. He played for about a half an hour. I did recognize a few songs from Bad English days, including "When I See You Smile" which Hubby and I used on our wedding video. Hubby was able to get John to sign our 45 album of the song later in the week!

Rick did about an hour concert to welcome us all and start the weekend off. Half way through he announced that drinks were on him and they started handing out free ones. Hubby and I don't drink so it made no difference to us!

Late that night was Movie Night with all the stars. Rick, Doug Davidson, Jackie Zeman, Jay Kenneth Johnson and Mark Goodman. I was surprised at how empty the place was. I think many thought it was a full showing of Hard to Hold but it was actually clips from all the actors and they sat on stage making comments about them. It was quite fun. Got a little long after awhile and I think they did cut it short but not sure. Rick kept making comments about how long it was going! And I must say Doug Davidson is and absolute riot. He had everyone cracking up! What a great guy.

Friday we docked in Key West. Hubby and I booked a glass bottom boat tour. That was nice. I took some pics out the bottom of the boat but you can't see much. We also got to see some Bottle nosed Dolphins on our way out to the viewing area. I liked it but now wish we had just spent more time checking out Key West. We didn't have much time to see much of any of it. :( This is a shot of it from the boat.

Friday afternoon was the acoustic show with both John and Rick. They did a spectacular job. They opened it up for requests and questions. Then John did a full concert with Rick's band. Hubby wasn't to interested in that so we didn't stay for that portion. I was OK with it either way. We just walked around and checked out the ship. Then got ready for formal night dinner. We aren't real big on dressing up so we did the absolute minimum but we still fit it. There was quite a range of dress which made me feel much better. I was fretting about it before we left. The ships photography crew was taking pics that night and we did get a good one from that. I will post it soon.
After dinner was a "bonus" concert on the Lido deck out under the open sky. That was pretty cool. It was open to all the ships passengers not just the Rick cruisers. I did see a few others but I think the majority were us Rick fans. Got my picture taken with Derek from the band after this show. I need to edit that one and the dinner pic and will put them up in another post in a few.
I also have pics of all of these events but don't want to overload my posts. If anyone wants to see these go to my profile and email me. I'm in the process of putting them on snapfish by event and can email you as I get them up!

Spending today playing at the water park etc. I will try to get days 2 and 3 up tonight when we get back to the room and settle in.

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Amy said...

I have read, heard and seen so much from the cruise it's almost like I was there. Thanks for the awesome photos :D