Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cruising: Days 3 and 4

Saturday our first event didn't start until 11:30 so we slept in a bit. This was the day for the Q & A session with the stars. Rick, Doug, Jackie and Jay sat on stage and answered questions from the crowd. The questions actually went more smoothly than the day before at the acoustic show. They started lines for people to come up to the mic which worked much better than someone walking around with a mic as they did the day before. I think this was one of my favorite parts of the cruise. Rick and Doug were having fun and are hilarious together.

The beach party in Cozumel was scheduled for the afternoon. Unfortunately I have to say this was one of my least favorite parts of the cruise. I had such big expectations for it and it did not live up them at all. They seemed to be unorganized. They didn't start setting up his stage area until our group was there and trying to eat. Then they tell us we need to move the tables we're at so they can set up for him. We then had to clear the area for the second group to have room to eat. So of course they ended up with the prime spots for the concert. We couldn't see a darn thing the entire performance and I have no pictures from this one. The stage was not elevated at all so unless you were right up front you missed out. Then our group had to leave pretty much right after the show to catch the bus back so we also missed out on seeing Rick and the guys during down time on the beach after the show. We did enjoy our time sitting and walking along the beach before the show started, but the entire thing was not worth the extra cost. :(

Sunday we woke up to choppy seas and that did not agree with me at all. I ended up spending a big portion of the late morning and afternoon in bed. I ended up missing our photo session time with the stars. You have no idea how bummed I was (and still am) about that!! Hubby was awesome during the w
hole thing. He went to get John Waite's autograph for me and tried everything he could to get me a second with Rick for a picture. It finally paid off after dinner this night when I was able to get a quick photo.

I finally started feeling better toward the end of the afternoon so I was able to go to the farewell fan appreciation show. The Squirts performed for about 30 minutes and then Rick took the stage. Another great show and he did some songs he's never played live before or hasn't since the 80s. Like my favorite "What Kind Of Fool Am I"!

For the most part it was a wonderful trip and I'm so glad I went. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. They plan to make it an annual event but the possibility of us doing it again (or being able to afford it again) is pretty slim!


Amy said...

Aww, what a nice photo of you and my man..haha!
One thing I would be afraid of is the sickness too, everyone is talking about that and I am very easily made dizzy..yuck!
I would have been pissed about that beach party thing too and haven't heard anything good about it, it sucks that you had to pay extra for that. To me, everything should be included in the main package.
Glad you had so much fun :D

Aim said...

I didn't realize you were one of the sick ones. I'm sorry you missed the photo shoot. Great pix of you and Rick.

Shannon said...

Getting seasick would not be fun! I think that is one thing that worries me about going on a cruise... but I still think I want to try one.

Glad you had fun... and that you were able to get your pic! :)