Monday, November 10, 2008

I've got nothin"!!

Nothing to blog about. Or so I think. Only 3 posts in the past two weeks. I've been pretty scarce.

I knew this day would come where I was at a complete loss for topics. I just feel nothing is worthy of a post lately. I don't want to bore what few readers I do have! Or there are times when I may think of something to post about but change my mind. Worried I might offend or what others will think of me and my opinions. Should I care? Maybe not, but I do.

Let's see.

I could tell you that I totally spaced on my kid today and forgot I had to pick her and a friend up from school at 3pm to drive them to Jazz band. I was aware of it yesterday. And of the fact that I had to work until 3pm. I'm at least 20 minutes from school. Never even dawned on me that it wouldn't work. She called me at 3:03. "Mom, where are you? You were supposed to pick us up for Jazz band."
Hmm. Why do they have Jazz band on a Thursday. Yup, I thought it was Thursday too. Luckily hubby is off work this week for our vacation and he was able to get them there in time. I guess I really need this trip!

I could also tell you that I have no idea why my hubby even carries a cell phone. He hardly ever seems to answer when I call him. Which is not that often, BTW! It's not because he's ignoring me because I call too much. (I think or at least I hope!). When I did finally reach him later in the afternoon and asked about him not answering he says he doesn't keep the phone with him. OK, but don't you check to see if you got calls? He does. So I asked why he didn't call me back. Because I didn't leave a message so it couldn't have been too important. What? Every time I do leave a message you say you didn't listen so I stopped leaving them. I guess he doesn't need to hear it. Just knowing there is one means he needs to return the call? I don't think I'll ever understand how his brain works!

I just realized I almost posted this on my photoblog! Ugh! I really do need to get away. Only 33 more hours until our flight leaves!! See you after I return on the 17th! My *gulp* 39th birthday! I was thinking of doing something special, maybe a giveaway to celebrate. Any ideas?? I need help!


Aim said...

girl, you do need this vacation. Give the Rickster a big hug from me. Enjoy yourself, and we'll see you when you get back!

Amy said...

Oh you could give away the cruise tickets to this sad and depressed fellow blogger who will be shedding tears every day that you are gone :D

Oh and don't ever try to figure out men and how they think. It's impossible, I know that much :D

Aim said...

I'm posting again just to let you know I added the kiss diabetes goodbye thingy to both of my blogs. I'll help spread the word however I can!

Aim said...

I bet you have something now! I can't wait to see photos from the weekend. When you get done with that, stop by my blog. You've been tagged.