Sunday, June 22, 2008

Professionally Speaking

Friday night was movie night with the premiere of the Jonas Brother's movie Camp Rock on the Disney channel. Had to watch the Jo Bros! It was a cute little movie. Only two more weeks until we see them in concert. I think I'm looking forward to it more than the girls. Yup, I'm a dork.

Saturday was tennis. While waiting for Tiger's class to finish and hers to start Skowt demanded I become a professional photographer. She knows how much I love photography and sometimes gets sick of the camera in her face. I told her it was a deal as long as she becomes a professional tennis player! She is doing great. She just needs to be a little more aggressive. Then she says I need to get rich so we can get a bigger house and she can design her own bedroom. Yeah, I'll get right on that!

Oh, before tennis we decided to take Tiger in to see the pediatrician. On Thursday she started getting a rash on her face and then it was spreading to her arms and legs. Turns out she has Fifths disease, I had never heard of it before. It's a rash caused by a virus, luckily it's nothing serious but there is really nothing we can do for it. We just have to let it run it's course. He's having her take some allergy medicine to help with the inflammation and itching.

Last night both the kids had sleepovers at friend's houses. Hubby and I didn't know what to do with ourselves! We went out to dinner then walked around at the park. We got home, checked the pool and added the chemicals it needed. Then we sat around for about a half hour going "Now what?" LOL We ended up watching some boring movie he had from netflix and went to bed.

Aren't we exciting??


Amy said...

The Jo Bros put on a great show, so that is something to look forward to.
Both my girls had 5th disease, and were even allowed to go to school with it. The only thing is they had to stay away from anyone pregnant, because of the effect it could have on the unborn baby. Just an FYI

lynn said...

Thanks Amy, the dr. did tell us about the pregnant woman thing. It already seems to be getting better, it's gone from her cheeks and it's not itching anymore.

Amy said...

baby had fifths disease last fall. I didn't think big kids could get it too, but apparently I was wrong.

lynn said...

Amy, isn't baby the same age as Tiger? 9 yrs. (my younger one got it) The doctor did say and I read online that it is most common in ages 5-15.