Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hangin' Tough

So, the New Kids On The Block are back this year for a reunion tour. A co-worker friend of mine was a big fan back in the day. They will be coming to Milwaukee in October so she asked if I'd go with her. Sure, if you come see Rick with me, I told her! Well, her hubby got our tickets yesterday. Are you jealous? Let's see if and when she makes it to a show with me! My cousin loved them too, had all the dance moves down. Wonder if she is going?

I almost forgot about giving an update on hubby's MRI. We got a call a couple days after saying that he had a "Small disk" whatever that means. Basically they said it was herniated and that it isn't that bad and more physical therapy should help. A different routine this time because now they know for sure what the problem is. Hubby isn't too happy with the whole situation. He just doesn't get why they have to go through so many steps to figure out what the problem is and how something in his neck could be affecting his arm too. It's all connected!


Amy said...

I used to love NKOTB...have fun and take lots of pics! Glad to hear nothing serious is going on with your husband. Hopefully he can be 'fixed'.

Amy said...

Tell hubby it's because diagnosing is a process of elimination.

I'm glad it's nothing major.