Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As of today 12 counties in WI have been declared disaster areas from the flooding this past week. Including the county I live in, though luckily it hasn't directly affected us. I do know many people who had water in their basements.

Part of the freeway is closed in the area because of flooding. The detour starts right at the exit that the store I work at is located. I don't how many more times I can take explaining the detour to every other person that comes in! Especially since it takes you about 115 miles out of your way. People get mad at us, like it's our fault half the state is flooded and the roads are closed. We didn't just randomly come up with this detour, it's the official Dept of Transportation's directions. But it's all our fault.

Here is a pic I took today of one of the lakes nearby. I stopped at our Recreation Dept to sign Skowt up for tennis. It's located right on the lake, there's a small beach and boat launch right there. The water is halfway up the parking lot, which is quite a steep hill, though you can't tell from the pic. I put two arrows to show where the water line should be. They are both pointing to ramps you walk up on. The left is where the boat launch is and the right is a little pier you can walk out on. The little grey building to the right is the lifeguard's building right next to the beach, which of course is under water also. It's weird to see it all covered! And this is nothing compared to what I've seen and heard about surrounding areas. Entire cities are under water in some places. Very sad.


Amy said...

Wow! I thought where I lived was the worse place for flooding and bad weather. Southwest Louisiana is horrible but looks like you have it pretty rough right now. I'm glad to hear it didn't effect you and your family.

lynn said...

Thanks Amy! Sounds like there are quite a few states that have been affected by all this rain and flooding.

Sooz said...

I was thinking about you when I heard of the flooding...I'm glad everything's OK at your home.