Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dells Adventure, Days 2 & 3

Day 2

Day two started out cloudy and cool. We went to the breakfast buffet at our resort and were planning to do one of the boat tours of the Dells. We weren't sure if it was going to rain but decided to go anyway. We could just sit in the lower part of the boat so as not to get wet. Here is what the boats looked like. (click on the pics to enlarge them, I posted them smaller because a had a bunch.)

Here is a shot of some of the sandstone formations.

We made a couple stops on the tour. One was at Stand Rock pictured below. This is where H. H. Bennett took one of the first "stop action" photos of his son jumping across to the rock.

Lunch this day was at the Moose Jaw another favorite of Tiger's. We've eaten there before and she always asks to go back. It is very similar to the place we ate the first day. Pretty sure it's the same owners.

After lunch was mini golf time and then just a walk through some shops in town. Skowt had to have some cheesecake on a stick. The rain finally looked like it was on it's way so we decided it was time to head back and dad hit the water park again with the kids while I relaxed in the room.

Day 3

On our last day we took another walk around the resort before we checked out. We realized on our boat tour the other day that there was another area to walk out on the cliffs and get a closer view of the river. Here is one of the boats taking the tour we were on.

There were 2 stairways built along the cliff for you to walk down to water level. Unfortunately they were both closed when we came by :( I had really wanted to climb down there. After we checked out we took another walk along the water in town. Saw this jet boat and the passengers getting soaked and decided that's what we'd do on our next visit.

We stopped for lunch and ate out on the patio overlooking the water. Skowt and I had our backs to the wind so had a fun time trying not to eat our hair. After lunch we took a wagon ride through some of the sandstone canyons. Here are our leaders for that ride, Sonny and Kenny.

Our last stop before heading home was at another resort that my mom had been at the weekend before. They had a local wildlife park set up inside the front entrance with a white tiger cub that you could get a photo with. So Tiger got to get her photo with her favorite animal......the tiger! She was quite excited. I do have a copy of it, but I still need to scan it. Sorry I can't share it yet.

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