Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My new love

I've been watching American Pickers lately.  Love the show.  In fact I have it on right now.  It's been playing all day.  I think what they do is kinda fun.  I like seeing some of the cool stuff they find.  In fact I think I'd have a field day trying to photograph some of that old, rusty, cool looking stuff.

And.......I'm liking this guy

Mike Wolfe

He rocks.

That's all.  Just thought I'd share.


Amy said...

I've heard of the show, and even passed it by while channel surfing. Next time I will have to stop and watch

Aim said...

Kelley and I were talking about that show this weekend! We both love it. I didn't even think about the photographing piece, I just think the stuff they find is awesome.

kristi said...

We love this show too!! Amazing the things that people collect for years and years.