Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Table Topics Tuesday: Look who's coming to dinner!


This week the topic is: What three celebrities would you invite to dinner?

Those that know me know that this is a no brainer!  He's been the "it" guy for me since I was 12. 

I heart Ellen.  She's smart and funny....she talks for a living so she can keep the conversation going since I know I won't be able to say much in the presence of these celebrities!

And since Shannon gave us the libery of choosing living or dead I'm gonna go with

I would have really liked to have met him. 


Shannon said...

I totally knew your #1 pick ;)

CaraBee said...

I love Ellen. She's definitely invited to my BBQ!

Brandy said...

Rick I'm good with, and Patrick I would like but to tell the truth, I'm over Ellen after all this Idol bizness. I like her but I don't like her on Idol.

Then again if you promise no seafood I will still come. I was invited too right? RIGHT?!

Ally said...

I loved Rick, but for his music, I think I was too young during his heyday to be into a man that age - maybe? I dunno, but "Jesse's Girl" is on my ipod :)