Saturday, March 6, 2010

Excuse me while I toss my cookies

Last night Skowt got an awful nosebleed. She's been stuffed up the past few days and has been blowing her nose a lot. When she did last night she said something about blood. It's happened to me before. A couple of drops of blood when you blow too hard or your nose is dry. No biggie.

But this wasn't just a couple of drops. She kept saying it was bleeding but I didn't see anything. Then it dripped on her shirt, she started grabbing tissues like crazy. My mind went blank. How do you stop a nose bleed? I know I'll google it!

By this time I was starting to feel my stomach churn a little. So I looked it up, tried to make sure she was Ok, got her some extra tissues and a cold cloth and took a couple breaks of my own to the other bathroom because I felt like I was going to be sick.

How can I take care of my child if I'm gonna get sick? I remember last year when she went to have her wisdom teeth out. They were prepping her for surgery, trying to hook up an IV. They couldn't get it in on the first try, she looked down at it, went limp and passed out for a few seconds. I freaked! At first I jumped to make sure she was OK, but it a matter of seconds I was light headed and sick to my stomach ready to pass out. I lasted long enough to make sure she was coherent but then I had to sit down and the nurse had to bring me some juice! They could have easily been having to call in backup to pick me up off the floor.

This all scares me to think that if my child was in more serious trouble I couldn't stomach the problem and help her or at least call for help. In fact I'm feeling a bit queasy right now just thinking about it all again.

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Amy said...

Blood doesnt' usually bother me too much, but coming from the nose, it probably would!