Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm a cryer


Today I'm participating in Shannon's Table Topics Tuesdays! Today's topic?

What is the last thing you cried about?

I cry easily, at the drop of a hat and sometimes at the dumbest things. I've always been very emotional like that. It scares my husband! So it surprised me when I read this topic that something didn't jump out at me as the last thing I cried about. I realized it's probably been a good couple weeks since I've cried. That is amazing for me! LOL

So here's a few of the last things I can remember crying about.

I cried while chopping an onion at work. I know exciting stuff. I hate onions and they always do that to me!

I cried because I had a Sunday off which is usually the only day our family has to spend together and my husband let the kids start eating breakfast before I came out of the bedroom. I was upset because we weren't making and eating breakfast as a family like we usually do on those Sundays.

I cried when we went to see Dear John.

I cried, like I often do, about my job. The fact that I only work part time and don't make a whole lot of money. Even though that is what we've decided is best so I'm around for the kids. The fact that I really don't like it. It stresses me out. I know I'm lucky to have a job right now and I only work part time hours but it still sucks. Which leads to more crying about feeling guilty about it! And still more crying that I'm as far along as I'd like to be in remedying that situation with my own photography business. And it just spirals out from there!

I better end this post before I start crying right now!

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The Royal Family said...

wow we have stuff in common girl!
Hey, I totally hate onions for that reason, I successfully choppe done the other night and didn't shed one tear, but then started cooking them and weeping... :( bummer

check out my post: http://bzzagentroyalty.blogspot.com/2010/03/table-topics-tuesdays-at-nuthouse.html

The Buzz, Brandy

Shannon said...

I cry easily, too.

And if my family catches me crying at TV or a movie, they just HAVE to make fun of me!

Brandy said...

You know I'm a big cry baby. It doesn't take much at all to get me going and it seems that it's gotten a lot worse as I get older. I'd guess by the time I'm 50 I'll need a tear duct replacement. {sigh}

Jane In The Jungle said...

I feel ya pain...I can remember the tears when I was working..never stopped!