Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Family Time

We spent a few hours at the zoo this morning. We have a membership there so it's a nice place to go once in a while when you're looking to get out without spending much money. Especially since we spent an arm and a leg at Great America last weekend!

We visited the traveling bird exhibit featuring birds from Down Under. They gave you a stick with seeds on it to attract the birds, we were all able to get some on our stick and feed them. Here is Tiger with one of the many that she fed.

She took my old digital camera because she wanted to take some pictures too. She was having fun.....taking after her mom with the photography! She did a great job and actually took more photos than I did. She is also looking forward to joining the photo club at school. Here is a fun one she took of me and hubby.

I was able to catch a few of her concentrating on getting her shot!

After we finished up at the zoo we headed out to the car to eat our picnic lunch in the back of the jeep. Then we headed down to the lakefront in Milwaukee to walk around and take some light house pics. I plan to share those pics (along with maybe some more of Tiger's photos) on my photoblog.

It turned out to be a very nice day. It started off a little cool and rainy but it cleared up and the sun finally came out. It was strange not having Skowt with us the entire day though. She was missed!

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JennyMac said...

Love family time and the zoo is a great place to spend it. Cute pics!