Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love snail mail!

I love getting snail mail. I always have. Waiting for the mail truck to go by and running out to see if I've gotten anything good. When my husband (then boyfriend) was in basic training we exchanged letters & cards and I would rush to the mailbox before anyone else in my family to see if I'd gotten anything from him.

That's why I've always had some sort of magazine subscription going at all times. Right now I have 2, TV Guide and Popular Photography. So at least a few times a month I get something besides junk and bills.

Around Christmas the past few years I've participated in a card exchange with a Rick Springfield group I belong to. A bunch of us sign up, get split into smaller groups and you send cards to everyone in your group. It's fun!

I've also joined postcrossing. It's a cool website where you send a postcard to a random user and for every card you send that is registered you get one in return from another user some where in the world.

I've actually been doing it for a couple years now. I originally joined with Skowt, but she got bored with it fairly quickly. I continued with it and recently got Tiger interested in it. She was always asking me if she got any mail. What kind of mail did she expect? So I explained postcrossing to her and she was all for it. So far she has gotten 5 cards in the mail. She lights up every time I tell her she's got mail!

I also have another blog where I've been scanning the cards I receive. You can see them here.

So if you like getting snail mail check it out. Let me know if you join. Or if you're interested in exchanging cards, letters, photos, postcards etc. let me know too.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like an interesting site, I'm off to check it out! I love snail mail too...

Jamie :)

JennyMac said...

Love that site...had never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.

Aim said...

I love snail mail too! When I was a SAHM, I used to love when the mail came. Your post is giving me an idea. I'll toss it around and follow up in a bit.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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