Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Seriously! What are people thinking sometimes? I'm starting to think it might be kinda fun to be able to read minds, especially when people are doing dumb things!

For example, yesterday while at work...........in case you don't know I have the glamorous job of working at a convenience store/gas station. It's only temporary until I become a famous photographer! Anyway, I went outside to change the paper in one of the pumps. As I went to throw the old one out I noticed some chunks of cement in the garbage can. Yeah, cement, who puts that in a public garbage?

So I headed back in the store to let the girl I was working with know what was going on and get the garbage cart so I could get them to the dumpster. I'm thinking I'd pull out a couple pieces and be done with it. Nope, I had to make two trips and ended up pulling 23 pieces out of there. The smallest piece was probably about a foot long by 6 inches and about an inch thick. Yes, I counted them because that's what I do! Just another little quirk of mine!

So who in their right mind would think that even the strongest of guys that work at our store would be able to pull a plastic garbage bag full of 23 ten plus pound pieces of cement out of the container?


Aim said...

and who thought the bag was going to hold all that??? too funny. I put some Jo Bros pix on my blog but I can't get video to load there or facebook...any ideas?

Mama Kat said...

I would have been SO annoyed! Yeah just let me get that for you!

Amy said...

Lots of nuts in this world.... :)

Shannon said...


There are some strange people out there!