Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{Insert catchy title here}

We went to see the new Harry Potter movie on Sunday. Skowt finally finished reading it on Saturday so we all decided to go see it on Sunday. Loved it! I think it's probably my favorite so far. But that could just be because it's fresh and new. I also liked that there was a bit more humor in this one and a little hint at romance too! I don't want to say too much and spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.............but what are you waiting for if you haven't?

We aren't really taking any type of family vacation this summer, just doing some day trips here and there. Though with my hubby working overtime we haven't done much of that either. We are planning a trip down to Six Flags Great America in IL on Saturday. We haven't been there in forever. I can't wait. Gotta get some roller coaster time in! Hope the weather cooperates.

I've decided I don't want August to arrive just yet. I was looking over all the stuff for the kids school registration and figured out that it is going to cost us about $900 just to get them going and registered for school. That's rental for 2 saxophones, 5th grade fees for Tiger, Freshman fees and the athletic fee for Skowt. Then on top of that don't forget school supplies and new clothes!

And that coincides perfectly with the fact that as of next week hubby will no longer be working his second part time job with the post office! So much for putting in all those years working toward a full time route and being at the top of the list as far as seniority goes for the next opening. First they closed a nearby office and brought two carriers over who bumped him back to 3rd in line. Now they are getting rid of the route he subs for and combining it with another route so they really don't have a position for him anymore. It bothers me but he seems to be OK with it. He's been debating lately which job he was going to stick with permanently and this kind of helped with the decision. Plus he has problems with his shoulders and casing the mail all morning makes it worse some days so in the long run I guess it will be a good thing.


Aim said...

we are so alike. Just saw Harry Potter, was talking about Great America, not into school registration/fees/supplies. Weird. But cool.

Amy said...

Not a Harry Potter fan... :(

Not looking forward to school either, my oldest is switching to public school after going to private her whole life.... aaacckk!

Good luck with your hubby's job :)

Lori Z. said...

Yikes....that $900 is a steep price for back to school! How much are the saxophone rentals I am wondering? I just can't imagine!!

Sorry to hear that about Craig's part time job...that really stinks.

Aww Great America!! I've been there twice, back when it was "Marriot's Great America"! I went once when I was 11 and went to visit my aunt and uncle who lived in Waukegan,IL. at the time. And then I went again when I was 17 with Randy...back in 1989 I think. So it's been a "few" years lol.