Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paper gowns and stirrups

Yesterday I had my annual visit to the gynecologist! How fun.

You know, sitting in that room waiting for the doctor in a paper gown that makes you sweat and then sticks to you in places you don't want paper sticking.

Lying down with your feet up in the stirrups and having to scoot down a little bit....little more, little more until your butt is comfortably hanging off the edge of the table. Then gracefully trying to sit back up from that position once it's all over!

That freaking ice cold metal contraption they use to do your pap test. I don't know what it's called but it needs to either come in some other material that doesn't freeze or they need to make a little warmer for it. You know, like those little warmers for baby wipes so you don't get the babies but all cold.

Then there's the doctor trying to make small talk with you while he does unmentionable things to you and you stare at the ceiling!

I don't know which I love more that or getting a mammogram!

Why oh why does it only come once a year?


Amy said...

I agree. And I am behind on mine. Ugh!

Aim said...

that was sooo funny! All true but very very funny!

Sooz said...

I need to schedule mine too, both the exam and, now that I've hit 40, my mammo too.

That cold contraption is called a speculum :). I've had some visits where they've warmed it before, others have used a plastic one, others have used the cold cold metal. What we do for our health, I tell ya.

Nat said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I totally agree about the whole "warm the speculum" thing. And it should be called something funny to at least lighten the mood, eh? My gyno's office has funny stuff on the ceiling for paps, like "This still sucks." I love it- at least I get a laugh.