Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twilight Orthodontia

We picked up Tiger's new expander at the Orthodontists office today. She got to pick the color and photo to put in it. Forget about the tons of stickers she could choose from. She wanted Eward and Bella!

And she got them. The photo she cut out of her Scholastic book order form at school was just the right size. Edward and Bella on one side, the word Twilight on the other. She was so excited that it worked out and they didn't have to go with her second choice!

Now who's gonna be the coolest kid in school? LOL


Shannon said...

No. Way.

The things kids have these days, LOL!

Amy said...

That is so cool! :)

Aim said...

seriously!? that is soooo cool. Hannah will be jealous.

Jessica J. Bogosian said...

That's amazing!