Saturday, March 7, 2009

My swap goodies have arrived!

My package of swap goodies arrived yesterday! My partner was Nicole from Taulman Times. She was great partner and sent some awesome stuff! Some of it very similar to what I sent her.

Here's a before picture. Everything all wrapped up nice before I tore into it.

She had a tag on each one numbering them 1 through 6 and included a note on top instructing me to open them in order and then read the explanation next to each number on her note. I also included notes explaining each of mine but they were inside each package.

So here's what was inside!

  1. Scented tea light candles from Yankee Candle and a candle holder to burn them in. Yankee Candles rock! They are my favorite too. I've tried others but they just don't cut it.
  2. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. In Nicole's words it "portrays the ultimate never-ending meaning of love". I look forward to reading it.
  3. Scarf (is there another word for these? or am I losing it). Anyway, I am in love with the colors!
  4. Coffee mug, green tea and a huge Hershey's dark chocolate bar! Check out what I sent her on her blog and you'll see we were totally on the same wave length with the chocolate bar thing!
  5. Family Tree Record book. We are very similar on this one. She likes scrap booking and of course I love taking photos of my family and also looking at old photos of family members. There are spots for photos for me, hubby and both sides of the family. I hope I can find some of everyone to include!
  6. Last but not least, fake (her words!) Chanel earrings. Hmm. Now to find a place to wear them. I'm usually in jeans or sweats carting the kids around!

Oh, and I'm also supposed to get the kids and hubby out of the house on a Sunday afternoon and take a nice nap. Sounds good to me!!

I'd like to say thanks Nicole for everything and for being such a great partner! I'd also like to thank Mamarazzi for organizing the swap. I'm sure it was a lot of work! I had fun with it!


MaryRC said...

what a great package. i really enjoyed the swap too. have to see what you sent her..

Amy B said...

What a great will find a place to wear those earrings..enjoy

Anonymous said...

It was fun wasn't it!

Allison said...

That family tree record book looks so cool. Lots of fun stuff. Enjoy.

Cris said...

This was so much fun and your gifts look so much fun to have received. I can not wait until the next one. Vist me and see what I received from my pal at

Mamarazzi said...

YAY for such a great package!!

I am so slow in getting around to everyone who participated in the swap but I just wanted to make sure THANK you for playing and for sending such a fantastic package to your partner. I know she really appreciated it.

My next swap is set for April and I will announce it soon, keep and eye out for it if you want to play again…they fill up FAST!! In the meantime come by and enter my latest giveaway…very fun stuff!